Sunday, January 08, 2006

Drunk in the Candy Store

The New York Post reported today that a mom is suing Applebee's for getting her kid loaded on a Long Island Iced Tea. The mother became suspicious when the kid started rolling around on the table and licking the bread basket. She tasted his apple juice and found out it was a Long Island Iced Tea. Now the mother is claiming the kid is having terrifying nightmares where he is spinning and the calls them "Applebee's" nightmares.

When I was a kid about that age, I also loved alcoholic beverages. If I was ever in a bar no floater beer would go unturned and I put Creme de mente on my iced cream whenever it was offered. Last week at work, somebody brought in a entire case of those chocolate liquor-filled candies which I announced I used to love as a kid, much to everyone's shock.

Booze is like TV for kids. I don't go crazy over TV or drink that much anymore because I had my fill as a child.

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