Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ask MJ Cat: Friday Catblog

MJ Cat just earned his PhD in Cultural Studies from Trinity Online University. So, now MJ is able to answer questions and offer advice on any topic. Think of MJ Cat as a foxier furrier Dear Abby. From love advice to fashion tips to Oscar race predictions, MJ Cat has an answer for everything.
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Dear MJ Cat: Should I get a new car?--Deirdre, NY NY

Dear D: I'm a city cat so I've never been in car. The only benefit of having a car in general for me would be so that I can easily travel across state lines. Cats aren't allowed on Amtrak or Greyhound. I wouldn't care what kind of car I had as long as it took me safely through the tunnel.

Dear MJ Cat: I work 12 hour days and can't seem to get to the gym. What should I do about my exercise regime?-J, New York, NY

Dear J: First of all, you need to structure your work time more efficiently so that your work/life balance is in check. If someone dangles the cat dancer in front of you, you don't always have to jump. One of the most highly effective habits of a successful cat is to spend some time each morning structuring and prioritizing both your work and your personal tasks and sticking to your plan. My other recommendation is to join the gym at work and setting time aside on your calendar to go three times per week.

Dear MJ: Do you like cat booties?--Brunettie, York, PA

Dear Brunettie: I don't play well with other felines, so I don't get to see a lot of cat ass.

Dear MJ: How do you stay regular? Zel Norm, NYC

Dear Zel: I watch my diet and eat food strong in protein and fiber. Also, don't eat too much cellophane cause that definitely stops me up.

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