Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dance With Me

I just came home for a dance class where I danced next to the great Jane Krakowski. While Jane is not necessarily a household name, she is recognizable from her days on Ally McBeal. In any case, this was my first time at this class and to be frank, I'm a terrible dancer. I've always been a little heavy on my feet and have trouble following choreography. To make matters worse, we had to learn a routine to Tyra Banks' song Shake Your Body. For those of you who are long-term readers, you know how that song played a role in the breakup of one of my men in the past so hearing Shake Your Body always kind of pisses me off. The teacher of the class asked if anyone could name the singer and I was the only one who knew that it was Tyra. Then we had to break up into dance performing groups and it was just me, Jane and one other woman and I still couldn't get the steps down. When she found out it was just the three of us, she gave me a look which I couldn't quite interpret.

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