Thursday, August 04, 2005

She never made me any fudge!

While I was away on vacation, I was informed that the very scary Miss Snell, the former York Suburban math teacher passed away at the age of 83 which was suprising to me because I could have sworn that she was at least 100 when I had her as my teacher 18 years ago. Parents would try to get their gifted children in Miss Snell's math class for some odd reason. Miss Snell believed that you should spend at least 3 hours each night studying math. I believed that math should never interfere with one's social life. I was right as my social skills and friends provide me with many more benefits than my calculus education. In any case, I have to admit, I never forgot Miss Snell and her red check marks either.

It all added up for my high school math teacher - York Daily Record

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