Monday, August 08, 2005

The Harder They Come, The Harder They Fall

Well, in a little over a week, my 34th birthday is coming up. I am telling everyone, I'm turning 25, but the fact is I am reaching or am already in my mid-30s. I'm getting older and hopefully wiser. Here are some of the revelations I've had over the past year.

1. Most men are crazy in some way. I always kind of knew this, but this year I am admitting it. My chances of finding true love suddenly seem slim.
2. Weight Watchers really is for the rest of your life. My leader Lauren once said this and she was right. I will be dieting for the rest of my life.
3. Mary Kay Time Wise products are fabulous. I won't make fun of anyone using Mary Kay ever again.
4. Tom Cruise is crazy (see #1). I used to love and defend Tom cruise against allegations regarding his sexuality and his religion. Now, I can't even drag myself to see War of the Worlds.
5. Some babies are cute. I used to be scared of holding babies, but over the weekend, I held my friend Diane's brand new baby and for a second, I kind of wanted to steal him.
6. I will never cut my hair too short or dye it dark brown again. I did both of the past year and regretted both decisions.

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