Friday, August 26, 2005

Reader Response Survey Results

Here are the very interesting results to the survey conducted throughout the week. I'd like to thank the readers who responded.

1. Over 56% of respondents were men. I forgot to find out if they are straight or gay.
2. Over 81% of my respondents claim to know me personally. I guess those who don't know me, didn't feel comfortable filling out the survey.
3. Over 56% of respondents like reading about the men in my life unless it is about them. 6.3% don't like reading only like reading about the men in my life when it is about them. 12.5% claim to jerk off after reading this blog. I'm not sure what this all means.
4. 12.5% of respondents claim to have had romantic or physical relations with me while 33.5% are waiting to make their moves, but only 12.5% want to marry me. Hmmmm....Please let me know via comments if you are wanting to make a move or marry me. I need some positive reinforcement.
5. 87.5% of those that answered like cats while 68% listen to the podcast.

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