Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Results from the Annual 2004 York Fair Eat-Off

Howard has updated me with a report of the annual York Fair Eat-Off. Unfortunately, I could not compete this year. Frankly, I think Eric and Howard tied, as Eric consumed beverages laced with Sweet and Low which do not count during an eat-off. Howard's report is below:

The results are in and Eric has defended his title at the York Fair Eat-Off (results at bottom). Eric had his game face on as he fasted on all day and lined his stomach with Maalox to prepare him for the digestive demands of fair food. Eric’s concentration was at such a high level that he lost his wallet (which I think he later found) at one of the vendors’ stands. Unfortunately, I could not keep up with Eric and experienced sharp shooting pains up the left side of my arm (is that bad?) after my funnel cake which prevented me to eat substantially more. Bryan had a pitiful showing demonstrating that he has the will to resist such culinary delights and will probably live 2 years longer than Eric and me.

BTW, I feel like ass right now

First Place - Eric
1. Pit Beef Sandwich
2. Fried Hamburger with Onions & Sauce
3. 32 Oz Coke
4. Chicken on a Stick with Roll
5. Italian Ice
6. Soft Pretzel
7. Orangeade
8. Slice of Pizza
9. 16 oz lemonade
10. Roast Beef Sandwich
11. 32 oz iced tea with 4 sweet & lows

Second Place – Howard
1. Italian Steak Sandwich
2. Fried Hamburger with Onions & Sauce
3. Jumbo French Fries
4. Funnel Cake
5. Italian Ice
6. Chili Dog
7. Orangeade

DNQ – Did not Qualify - Minimum of Five major fried items need to be eaten

Bryan – absolutely pitiful showing
1. Italian Steak Sandwich
2. Corn Dog
3. Fried Hamburger with Onions & Sauce
4. ½ whoppee pie


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