Friday, September 10, 2004

$40=Painting, Mirror and Two Hours of Crack

The Norm Crosby-loving cad described in the blind item earlier this week has completely made it up to the West Village socialite he left last weekend waiting for him in his lobby. She's fully satisfied. Here's how he did it-
1. He took her to Sparks. Classy.
2. He purchased a beautiful mirror for her from a bum on the street selling trash
while he bought a painting for himself.
3. Before fully purchasing, he examined all cracks.
4. He threatened to throw his dog off of the bed when the dog started growling at
5. He offered to get her juice when he she asked for it.
6. He gave her his ex's bobby pins.
7. She thinks he told her that he acutally liked her, although she's not sure if he
was talking to her or to his dog.

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