Friday, October 31, 2008

Scary Halloween

I need to rant because I've been holed up in recovery mode for the past week. First of all, it's Halloween and there is a teenage party downstairs which is getting out of control and the fact that I even care, is making me feel old. Then, I spoke to my cousin who just moved here and she and her friends are getting "hammered" to come to the village cause they heard that is the only way to have fun here on Halloween. That made me feel old because I live in the village and am sober. Also, I heard that Sarah Palin was in in my hometown of York, PA so I asked my mother to call one of her Republican friends who attended the rally cause I want a Palin button for my collection and I can't find one here. My mother refused because she didn't want to "get invovled" which really pissed me off because I would have made the phone call for her. I also went to Time Warner Cable today to get a DVR and it was like entering the eighth circle of hell. I now understand the luxury of paying the $30 to have them come to you so you don't have to sit there waiting for an hour with the most desperate and crazy New Yorkers freaking out about their cable bills and trying to get money orders to turn their cable back on. Plus, I'm in a wedding and was told I could wear whatever I want to but now, the bride must approve. Does that count as being able to wear whatever you want? I don't think so. And to top it off, I just got my period right after my operation a week ago and I can't wear a tampon.

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