Friday, October 03, 2008

Outstanding Questions from the VP Debate

Vote for Beware of the Babylon for President!

Rather than answer some of my questions, tonight's VP debate raised some more for me about Sarah Palin and John McCain.

1. What war did John McCain "win?"
2. What in the hell does it mean to be a maverick?
3. Since when do we want leaders who have poor elocution and grammar skills? Perhaps this is a serious indication about the problems with our educational system.
4. Who actually is a "Joe Six Pack" and how can I avoid this man?
5. Did Joe Biden have botox?
6. Is it acceptable to avoid questions and just read from a notecard during this type of debate?
7. What kind of people actually live in Alaska?
8. Why can't gays get married and why is it a political issue?
9. Are Jews for Jesus Zionists?
10. Is God really responsible for Global Warming?

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