Friday, May 16, 2008

Velveteen Rabbits

I'm going this weekend to clean out the bedroom I spent the first half of my life living. As you can imagine, this room houses and stores all my childhood memories. I'm torn about what to pitch and what to store. Here are some items in question:
1. Casio Keyboard which I recorded many cassettes with my one-woman band Rachel Goes to Epcot Center.
2. Stuffed Animals with Names who were my friends during the turbulant 70s.
3. My prom corsage
4. Junior Miss and Prom Gowns which will I will never fit into again but were some really funky fashions back in the day.
5. Complete 80's New Wave Vinyl Collection (OK, I'm keeping this.)
6. Old 80's jewelry collection including palm tree earrings, lucite bangle bracelets and assorted vintage jewelry
7. Complete collection of Shakespeare and Dante
8. Old college papers about Dante and Shakespeare
9. Complete Donny and Marie stage set and dolls
10. Super 8 camera and projector.

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