Thursday, May 08, 2008

First Dates

I have a lot to blog about but I can't resist telling the story that I actually was at dinner tonight eavesdropping on a couple on their first date and the couple will hopefully work out but they both made the following errors and were so bizarre that I have to write it all down. Here are some choice quotes.

"I have been depressed my entire life."-Man
"My friend is very protective of me. I make terrible choices in men."-Woman
"How long were you a Communist?"-Woman
"I was a Communist until I was ten."-Man
"England is boring."-Woman
"My first wife was a dancer from Paris. She was actually from a suburb outside of Paris. It wasn't a nice suburb."-Man
"Why did you leave her?"-Woman
"I was unhappy."-Man
"Do you have a roommate?"-Woman

"I live with my mother."-Man
"One day we came home and the chicken was gone."-Man

I also have to clarify that the couple's conversation was so compelling that me and my date didn't speak to each other and had to keep a straight face the entire dinner. When she went to the ladies room, I asked the man where they met and if it was indeed a first date, and he said yes. They met at Film Forum. I asked what film, and he said, "It was French."

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