Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It Ain't Easy Being Green

On Sunday afternoon, I took a stroll through Chinatown where I had a $20 massage, ate some juicy pork buns and bought some new "designer" shades. I was feeling good and happy. As I walked past all the fruit, veggie and fish stands, I saw a bunch of people buying something out of a big garbage pail. I peeked in and to my surprise, I saw an entire bucket of live frogs being sold for food. While I am a carnivore, something about the slimy cute frogs staring up at me both scared the hell out of me and broke my heart at the same time. I ran home and forgot about the frogs until today when I realized that some anonymous person is out there fucking with my shit and good attitude. For you out there spreading your bad karma in the world, be warned. I'm not just some fucking frog trapped in a bucket for your lunch. This frog has legs and can jump.

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