Thursday, January 24, 2008

Say No, No, No to Celebrity Rehab?

In 2007, Rehab was the new black. Lohan, Winehouse and even Spears either spent their 28 days, said "no" or broke out of rehab. To capitalize on the trend, VH1 is airing it's third week of the the new reality show "Celebrity Rehab" with Dr. Drew. Celebrity Rehab is full of either f-list or people I've never even heard of in my life which means they must not be celebs at all. But, I admit to being addicted to Celebrity rehab, and probably need an intervention from watching it. There is something disturbing about any situation where Brigitte Nielson and Daniel Baldwin seem like voices of reason and Chyna Doll seems normal. I'm salivating over nerdy Dr. Drew like he's Dr. House. And, why in the hell is Jeff Conaway further humiliating himself after his disatrous turn on Celebrity Fit Club? Why is he in a wheel chair? How much are these celebrities getting paid to be on this show? Who is exploiting who here? Is Celebrity Rehab actually a genius concept where reality television deconstructs the genre and our obsession with celebrity culture or is it the most exploitive and disgusting television program ever? Discuss.

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