Friday, August 17, 2007

Balance Transfer Complete

Today was my last day pushing credit cards on the young, poor and balcon populations. My banking days are done. I lasted 1 year and 9 months which is A LOT longer than anyone who knows me thought I'd stay. Aside from learning how to read a complicated P&L and learning about complicated sourcecode structures, the most important thing I'll take away from my job is that I'm pretty damned smart. I may not have a MBA but my math skills, creative ability and ability to build relationships is much stronger than many of my former colleagues at one of the world's largest companies. During my final hours, MBAs I never even met where making desperate phone calls asking me about how to reach the youth market, leverage social networks, make friends at Google or assess a media buy. I apologize I don't have over ten years to explain all I know to you (which is how long it took me to learn all this stuff). And I did make some pretty awesome friends. If it weren't for colleagues Scott, Anittah, Nadine, John, Jen and Michael, I never would have lasted as long as I did. Thanks, guys. You saved my smart out-of-place ass.

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