Wednesday, August 01, 2007

RIP Michelangelo Antonioni

I went to bed writing about Bergman, and then I woke up and immediately read about Antonioni's death. We've lost the last links of the great days of European art cinema. And to show that bad things happen in "3s," I realized yesterday walking down Carmine that the great independent video store Evergreen Video on Carmine Street was closed forever. I know I bought into the whole Netflix craze and I work as a digital marketer and for a living I evangalizes such things as YouTube, iTunes, MySpace and shit like that, but right now I feel guilty. I loved browing the old titles and seeing my neighbors at Evergreen as part of my village routine. I'd go there, browse, rent some crazy title, then go to the cheap bookstore across the street and then finish off my night at Grey Dog (which I happened to notice has a franchise now on University Place.) This weekend, I will go to a movie at Film Forum, buy a book at an independent bookstore and read the actual newspaper.

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