Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Disclaimer: I realize what I am about to write is somewhat crazy and demented.

Today, I had my annual OBGYN appointment which includes my annual PAP, breast exam and a special transvag exam. After all these procedures, I got dressed and met with the doctor to discuss his findings. For once, everything looks good. Then we had some small chitchat where he asked about my work and if I had any upcoming travel plans. I asked him and he said he had nothing in the works. Then, I politely asked about his kids. Somehow, he blurted out that he is now divorced and has had a "nightmare" couple of years.

My good friends already know this and as I've writtten before, I've had a crush on my gyno for many years. He's fabulous, cute and nice. In any case, as he told me this, my predator bells went off and all of sudden, he wasn't just my doctor, but an available hot man. As I left the office he said, "I always enjoy seeing you. I guess I'll see you next year." And I replied, "I hope so" meaning that I wont' have any reason to see him for medical reasons. The thing is, I want to see him again under non-transvag circumstances. So, what does a girl do when she has a crush on her gyno? He can't ask me out and I am afraid of losing a very good doctor, but I dig this man.

Perhaps my good friend Playing Doctor can provide modern advice on how to handle this situation.

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