Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Day the Music Died

Today, I learned that Tower Records is going out of business. While many businesses come and go, the closing of Tower makes me feel very nostalgic in a way I did not feel when the Wiz shut its doors. Since I moved to New York City, I have spent many a dollar and hours at Tower Records all over the city. I actually like to go on dates there and scour the aisles. During the summer of 1994 when I didn't have A/C, I used to go to the Upper East Side Tower to cool off and listen to new music. I once spent 5 hours outside the downtown Tower in the snow(pictured) to meet Kate Bush. Todd and I can't walk by a Tower without stopping by to check the sales. (We hve a special bond with the Trump Tower Tower for some odd reason.) I remember the days I used to pay my cable bill there. I remember the first time I saw my friends in Live's album cover displayed in the NYC window and knew they made it since Tower said so. And, how I loved the former outlet! When I first moved to the city, Tower represented to me all the variety and diversity the city had to offer. I always preferred hanging out at Tower over the large impersonal Virgin Megastore. Yet, I, too, fell in love with my iPod and my small apartment is out of room for more CDs. Plus, I can't pay $19.99 for something I can get for much less off the net. So, I am partly responsible for killing an institution that I admired, loved and psychologically needed. Goodbye, Tower Records! I'll miss you!

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