Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dear Tom

Dear Tom,
As the most connected person on, I assume that you must have many answers to the questions that plague my soul. If you can provide some response, I'll put you back in my Top 8.

1. How do I determine fake celebrity profiles from authentic celebrity profiles?
2. Why does my cat attack my head every time I check my myspace account?
3. Is it rude to reject a friend request without a response?
4. What are the differences between a work friend, boyfriend, myspace friend and friendster friend?
5. Is youtube the new myspace?
6. Have you ever met Rupert?
7. When is an addiction?
8. Is the New York City myspace population more attractive than the Los Angeles myspace population?
9. What do you do when you get in fights with your best friend about how to best manage your podcast myspace account?
10. Do myspace contacts count as friends?
11. Who invented the phrase, "Thanks for the add?"
12. Have you ever hooked up with anyone you met on myspace?

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