Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New Online Survey: Should I Be Into Him?

Well, it's that time of the season where men appear from the woodwork as they anticipate a lonely upcoming holiday season. Here are my current choices of men who at this moment appear to be into me. Please vote for your favorite so I can make an informed decision about how best to spend my time.

Il Sputino
Pros: He's 23, Italian and handsome.
He lives around the corner.
He attends film school and can talk serious film with me.
He likes to cook.
He's up for activity any time.
Cons: He's young and foreign.
His friends are young and smoke pot.
He doesn't properly keep a schedule.

Full House
Pros: He's very smart and has celebrity friends.
He's already bought me a gift which was a book about the psychoanalytic theories about the art of flirting.
He's kind of famous.
Cons: He's 50.
He spends every other weekend in Toronto with his ex wife and two kids.

Englishman in New York
Pros: We already have an established relationship.
He sends me painted postcards.
He makes me laugh.
He loves MJ Cat and vice versa.
Cons: He's obsessed with work and gets grouchy when things don't go well for him at work.
He wishes that he was dating a model rather than me.

The Lower East Side Rock Star
Pros: He's in my dating age range.
He's a member of SAG.
He's persistent.
Cons: He lives like he's a Snack.
He spends a lot of time a band practice.
He can't make a date and always calls me at the last minute.

The Trumpeteer
Pros and Cons:He plays the trumpet.

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