Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me?

Today my sister called me and informed me that she and my mother wanted to give me an ipod for my birthday, but that I would have to pay for part of it.

I had two options involving this "gift":

1. They would give me a gift certificate for the Apple store where I could put the money towards an ipod.
2. My mother would purchase the ipod using her education discount and I would have to reimburse them any amount over $200. My sister preferred this option because it was saving me money regarding my own contribution for own gift. I could either write them a check or she would just deduct her portion of the bill for the birthday dinner we are planning for my mother on Friday.

Here is my response and thoughts on this matter:

1. I never asked for them to buy me an ipod and was going to purchase one on my own. I don't know why they feel this insane need to "give" me an ipod.
2. I do not really appreciate having to negotiate the cost for my own birthday gifts and anything I have to pay for is technically not a gift at all.
3. What is wrong with these people? I don't understand why they think that the general rules of etiquette do not apply when dealing with family members.
4. How is it that I'm in my 30s and every year in some way I'm forced to feel like I am somehow in 16 Candles?
5. Now that I'm 33, can I legally divorce my family?

Etiquette International - The Art Of Gift Giving

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