Tuesday, August 24, 2004

15th High School Reunion Update

I just returned from an exciting weekend in Pennsylvania where I caught up with some former classmates. Here is a rundown of gossip from my former classmates. I am glad I live in NYC now.

1. Judy got her tubes tied and told us this fact unsolicited at dinner. She also drank alcohol through her two pregancies, but her kids are "fine."
2. Matt now weighs 265 lbs. He weighed 135 at the time of graduation but due to a thyroid condition, he put on a lot of weight. His wife was nice and didn't seem to mind.
3. Howard said Kate looks the best and even better than I do. I disagree.
4. Joel hit on Jessica making her leave the bar early because he was making her "nervous."
5. Gary was wearing a polo shirt with the Country Club emblem embroidered on the sleeve. He said some pretty racist and homophobic comments at Denny's.
6. Brian and Linda's children were kind of wild.
7. Kathy and Rick ended up getting married. They both look and act exactly the same.
8. Steph confessed to Kate that she threw up before every swim meet and this pattern continued until college.
9. Samantha donated her old used pocketbooks for the silent auction. Howard thought this was tacky.
10. Erik has a lot of tatoos and is a bartender in CA. He did not show up for the reunion.
11. Mark asked me for my number and I am deciding if I should call him.

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