Sunday, June 08, 2008

Beware of the Sex and the City Product Placement Podcast

We subliminally plug the products of about fifty Fortune 500 company products in this eloquently presented episode of
recorded live on tape from a Fortune 500 company auditorium

Put on your best Anthony Robbins asshat grin for...

* Afterglow on the Sex and the City movie [Time-Warner]

* The mystery Doritos flavor revealed [Pepsico]

* Todd's first trip to Burger King in over 24 years [Burger King Holdings]

* We remind you to join our Facebook page [1 % Microsoft]

* This week's Guess Who I'm With Phone Challenge [Sprint Nextel]

As alway, this and every BEWARE OF THE BABYLON podcast can be automatically downloaded from iTunes here.

Listen to the show here if you have ants in your pants:

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