Friday, April 04, 2008

Catblog Friday

I've had an emotional and very busy week. So, I'm finally sitting down and contemplating the meaning of life as I hang with MJ Cat. Then, after watching Oprah cry about the death of her beloved 13 year old dog Sophie, I realized that, for now, MJ Cat just may be the meaning of my life. When I came home tonight, I smelled a very strong gas smell in my building so instinctively I called 911 and packed up MJ in his cat carrier in case we had to evacuate. As the firemen came barrelling in, I felt that MJ is one the one steady character in my life. He waits for me to come home and when I wake up in the morning he rolls around and purrs in excitement. He's taught me to be a kinder and more responsible person. As I write this, he is curled up beside me with his little tabby head on my ankle. I don't mean to sound like a crazy cat lady, but I love MJ just as Oprah loved her dog. Our sympathies are with you, Oprah.

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