Saturday, December 08, 2007

del Barco Sighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is strange. Tonight, I walked into the downtown Bloomingdales and the first person I see standing closest to the door in front of the Dior counter, is Andy del Barco pushing a baby stroller! He looked the same and was immediately recognizable. I was flustered, considering the last post I wrote on this blog was about him. I told him that I was just writing about him, and became slightly flustered because I was a little freaked out about the coincidence, and clearly, had no idea what the hell I was talking about.

I was going to take his photo but he didn't want me to but I did get his email address. Since Tim died, I've been feeling that the plot of life just doesn't make sense anymore. Everything that has happened to me since June has just been a series of quick images and nonlinear events. Yet, somehow, this coincidental siting puts my faith back into the meaning of life. While someone (perhaps trivial) from my past, Andy represents the optimism I once had when I first came to NYC in 1992. Perhaps seeing Andy with his beautiful family shopping in Bloomies is some kind of sign that my life has some kind of plot and meaningful future.

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